Staying sane...

Yes, I’m one of those… I love it, it’s the only thing that allows me to stop thinking. With my mind constantly engaged trying to get further in my PhD it feels amazing to just turn everything off for a while everyday.

Since moving to Edinburgh I’ve been taking it much more seriously, upping the distances I run. I ran the Edinburgh Marathon the first year I got here and intend to run it every year.
Since then, I’ve set two goals for myself to achieve before I move away from the UK:

The way I am training at the moment, I think both are very feasible. I’m running between 30 and 50 km every week, with 7 to 10km pace runs on Tuesday & Friday, intervals or fartleks on Wednesday, and 20-30km long runs on Sunday. Mondays & Saturdays I either do yoga or strength training.

I keep track of everything on Strava:

Potential races on the agenda are:

I also really want to do the Seven Hills of Edinburgh run at some point, but I can’t make it this year as I’ll be in New York for an internship over the summer.