bachelor's thesis

LP2PB: Translating Answer Set Programs into Pseudo-Boolean Theories

This project was my bachelor’s thesis for the degree of BSc in Computer Science, at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. I developed a tool that could translate Answer Set Programs (ASP) into pseudo-Boolean theories. The idea was that pseudo-Boolean solvers often implement the cutting plane proof system, which is stronger than the resolution proof system that is often used in ASP solvers. Through the translation tool, ASP programs could be solved using the stronger proof system. I evaluated a variety of competition benchmarks and found that performance was either equal or better, in some cases.

This project was my first real academic work, and I loved working on it. I am very grateful for the supervision of Prof. Dr. Bart Bogaerts at the time. He saw that I was interested and proposed to co-author a conference paper, in parallel with the bachelor’s thesis. While that introduced a lot more work, I could not say no to the opportunity.

The paper in question got accepted at ICLP, at which I presented it in a talk.
If you are interested, you can find the paper here.
Also, take a look at the GitHub repository:

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Bart Bogaerts